BEST OF 2017

I know I say this every year, but I always look back wondering where the year went. And it's when I can truly appreciate the ability of photographs being able to bring us back to each place and time, and get to re-feel all those warm and fuzzy feelings over again. I seriously feel so lucky that each one of my couples is so sweet in their own way that inspires and reminds me that love is really the best thing we have in this world. Thank you to all my amazing clients for trusting me to capture your love and light. Looking forward to all the goodness of 2018! xo

Some of favorite moments, personal and professional, from this year:

I became an auntie to the cutest little boy Jordan!

Got my first magazine cover on Martha's Vineyard Magazine (Amanda + Pete!). 

We bought a house in Wexford!

We traveled to Morocco, Taiwan, LA, San Diego, Grand Tetons, Hudson, Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon...all magical in their own way. The older I get, the more I love trips that revolve around nature :)

My parents moved cross country from PA to San Diego (hello winter visits!). 

We got to see HAMILTON! It made me laugh, cry, #allthefeels. 

And most importantly, this was not a specific moment but a feeling that I was lucky enough to find throughout the year...the feeling of BALANCE. It's something I've been working on a LOT for the past few years as an entrepreneur, going by the "it's a heck yes or it's a no" rule to make time and space for creativity, family, relationships, puppies, and self-care. It's something I'll always keep working on, but I'm so grateful to have found so much of it this year! 

Thanks for reflecting with me and I hope you enjoy some of these moments that inspired me this year (in no particular order and with some personal work sprinkled in!). 

You'll want to scroll to the very bottom for my favorite photo of 2017. 

And for my favorite photo of the year...

Beyond all the weddings and flowers and celebrations...there is Nora, the biggest inspiration. She is my friend Colby's two year old daughter who was diagnosed with brain cancer in August. Here, she's showing me where they put her 'magic' tube. I hope she can look back at this photo one day when she is older to remind herself of her all of her strength and grace, and how she inspired so many people along her journey. 

Super Nora-12.jpg


This behind the scenes post is short and sweet this year, probably because we were so focused on wedding days and Instagram stories added a whole new in the moment behind the scenes experience this year! But here are some shots I managed to dig up, mostly thanks to my second shooters (Jeannine, Andrew, Abbie, Levana - thank you!). And some I took of my hubby Art always being such a trooper hanging out of windows, carrying gear, and dog sitting on shoot days! Hope you enjoy! 


Always fixing those little strands of hair! 

Behind the Scenes-1.jpg
Behind the Scenes-6.jpg

Telling my couples they look like supermodels because they do. 

Behind the Scenes-2.jpg

When your couple is from Florida and it's cold AF in March in Pittsburgh, and you tell them to just pretend like they're back home and not getting frostbite...

Behind the Scenes-3.jpg

Everyone looks better from above!

Behind the Scenes-5.jpg

Casually straddling my bride Ashlee here to get a cool shot. Don't worry, I always wear shorts under my dresses :)

Behind the Scenes-8.jpg

Casually clearing out a hotel dining room for the perfect dress shot. Huge thanks to Devoted to You Events for helping here!

Behind the Scenes-9.jpg

1000 mosquito bites later...

Behind the Scenes-10.jpg
Behind the Scenes-11.jpg

Art - dog sitter & purse and scarf carrier, on this engagement shoot hike in Hudson, NY!

Behind the Scenes-12.jpg

Rapunzel - throw down your hair! And also move to the left so I can see Uncle Jim.

Behind the Scenes-13.jpg

Honey, I think you've been doing too many squats...#Igotmytightpantson

Behind the Scenes-15.jpg


Behind the Scenes-15.jpg

Testing light 1, 2, 3! And trying not to look gross after a 10 hour day in the desert.

Behind the Scenes-17.jpg