A LOOK BACK AT 2015...

When you create the time and space for the things that matter, all the things you love will fill that space OH so quickly, and this year was exact proof of that. I've never felt so balanced and content in my entire life as I have this year.

Proud of where I've been, and staying humble in room for growth.

Remembering that all I can do is my best, and that's what I will do. 

Putting forth my efforts, and letting go of the results.

Worrying a whole lot less of what others think, but doing what feels good for me without needing any other reason.

Listening to my heart with a fine tuned ear. 

Making the time for the people and things that are dearest to me. 

And creating for the sake of creating because that's what I am meant to do.

Some 2015 highlights...

GETTING MARRIED - I love having this new perspective for upcoming brides because I can tell them with confidence that no matter how the day goes and how stressful planning a wedding can be, everything will turn out perfectly because ALL of your favorite people will be in one place at one time! And anything that doesn't turn out the way you expected will make a great story later or probably doesn't matter in the long run. Art and I had hands-down one of the best days of our lives, and are looking forward to a lifetime of many many more together. 

WORLD TRAVEL (wish granted, thank you universe) - to Jamaica, Grand Turk, the Bahamas, San Francisco, Big Sur and GREECE (!) - all for "work," and to Taiwan, Cambodia, and Vietnam for personal adventures. There's something about meeting new people, communicating beyond language, seeing different cultures, and getting taken out of your comfort zone that comes from travel that I will NEVER get tired of. 

ALL THE FRENCHIES - watching our little Lola grow to be her badass puppy self, and adding sweet, beautiful, 9-year old Stella to our family has been all my dreams come true. Our favorite moments have certainly been cuddle time on the couch with these two piggies!

TURNING 30 - I'm pretty sure I had a quarter life crisis when I turned 25, yet this year I could not have been more excited to embark on my 30th birthday. I feel like I'm only getting wiser with age, so bring it on! Also, Art made me the sweetest birthday video with my dad dressing up as the Dalai Lama's brother - it made me laugh, cry...#allthefeelings.  

I'm already looking forward 2016 with my wedding season booked and adventures lined up to Puerto Rico, Martha's Vineyard, Charlottesville, and AUSTRIA (with a pit stop to Oktoberfest, Art's dream)! I seriously can't wait to work with some amazing people. 

This post is long because I have too many favorites, but here are some of my favorite photographs, in no particular order, from this year. THANK YOU TO ALL MY CLIENTS WHO TRUSTED ME TO CAPTURE THEIR MEMORIES. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME AND KIND. THANK YOU. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Here's to the good that found you, and the great that awaits!