When people ask me for ideas for their engagement shoot, my first question is "What do you like to do together?" I love capturing couples in their element, just hanging out, having coffee, and enjoying each other's company or in places that are meaningful to them - maybe where they met, had their first date, or their favorite coffee shop!

Jack & Julie met while doing their MBA at Carnegie Mellon. Jack would strategically find himself into Julie's group and suggest they study together. She thought he was just very studious, and it took a little bit for her to get the memo that he was really just trying to spend more time with her! We spent the first part of their shoot just hanging out at Julie's house, and then made our way around CMU's campus, since it held a special place in their hearts (mine as well!). It was so fun to shoot at my alma mater - also where I did my very first engagement shoot for some friends years ago! My, how the time has flown!