53 friends from 16 different cities and 6 different countries. 1 year of planning. All for this proposal! This was probably one of the toughest assignments I've had to shoot - getting off a plane after 24+ hours of travel, straight into a van that took us to a dark restaurant, with a loose idea of what the plan was! But as always, everything works out the way it's meant to be. 

The Plan: Mike was to propose to Debbie in Mykonos, Greece and then a week of celebration was to follow in Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes. When I was asked to come document this epic proposal, I tried not to get too excited until it was actually here (because really, does this even sound like a real thing?!). Of course, I had my typical flight problems and almost completely missed my flight from London to Mykonos - literally praying for a miracle as I ran down the terminal to my gate. Luckily it was 2 hours delayed or else I would have missed everything! Everyone managed to somehow dodge the couple in the small town of Mykonos leading up to the proposal (Debbie's parents were even hiding in the back of the plane since they were on the same flight). Debbie had a hunch she was getting proposed to, but had NO idea that her entire family, Mike's family, and so many of their friends were here to celebrate. It was a beautiful evening complete with centerpieces, party favors, champagne, and a sparkler cake - to the point where many of us were thinking, "Wait...is this a surprise wedding?!" So much love. So much love!

Stay tuned for our time in Mykonos and their Santorini engagement session (my favorite part of our trip!)...