At the end of December, we were blessed with some great news of a new job for Art! He had been at his former company for as long as we had dated (so almost 8 years, which is a lot these days!). We already had a family vacation planned mid-January, so we knew we had to take advantage of this rare two weeks off in between and booked a trip to SOUTH AFRICA! Planned in less than two weeks, this was one of the best decisions we ever made - if you like wine, hiking, amazing scenery, nature, delicious food, wild animals, and must pay a visit here. 

I'll be sharing all of our photos over a few posts highlighting the different areas and parts of our trip. This first post features Cape Town and its different neighborhoods. Within just a few minutes, you have the diversity of mountains, beach, and city which adds to the allure and amazingness of this place. 

HIGHLIGHT: Our favorite part of this area was definitely doing Seal Snorkeling! We took a boat out to a seal colony where there are literally hundreds of seals just sunbathing, and when they got hot, they'd jump in the water and swim with us! We also saw a baby Humpback Whale on our ride out. I LOVE seeing animals in their natural habitat, so this was such a treat!