So one of the main reasons I wanted to go to South Africa is because I knew that there was a beach where penguins roamed freely. It was my ten year goal to see them, and you know what happens when you put stuff out in the universe - it ends up happening! And usually faster and better than you imagined. Obviously, we spent quite a lot of time at Boulder's Beach, where these little South African penguins just walked and swam around us. Actually, it was my goal to HUG one of these guys, but unfortunately you can't touch them because they will bite you! Art was so accommodating with my obsession with these little guys, and I  am so grateful for his patience in putting up with my probably-too-long penguin photoshoot. 

HIGHLIGHT: The day we were supposed to see these penguins, we rented a car in the morning and literally went on a scavenger hunt around Cape Town to try and find a GPS. Not only do they drive on the left side of the road, but there was not a GPS to be rented in the entire city, so we took a leap of faith on our navigational skills and used MAPS (crazy, right?). PHYSICAL. PAPER. MAPS. And ended up being fine the entire week we drove around! We did have one minor hiccup when Art accidentally left the lights on and our car battery died after our penguin extravaganza. Luckily, two friendly South Africans helped us by pushing the car down the road and popping the clutch which I guess is something people have to do frequently there to restart cars! We drove all the way to Cape Point & The Cape of Good Hope, which boasted some of the most stunning views of our trip!