If I can say anything about Mike & Debbie's special day, it would be that it was truly a fairy tale wedding. It had all the fairy tale parts - a prince, a princess, a castle surrounded by a lake and mountains, and of course, LOVE! The wedding day itself was only the second day of a whole 4-day celebration (followed by brunch on top of a mountain Sunday and the whole crew traveling to Oktoberfest Monday).

We did the first look at the Schloss Ort (Schloss means castle), and then took two boats around Lake Traunsee for some portraits. We were so lucky to be joined by Pittsburgh's own ShoFilms for videography (thank you for letting me take some drone stills), who made the best travel companions as well! The wedding was set at the Schloss Traunsee, which is actually a school by day (can you imagine going to school here?!). The castle overlooked the lake and mountains, and they had the ceremony right on the front lawn. Instead of a sparkler sendoff, they did a sparkler "entrance" (indoors...the fire codes are much more lenient over there!), and danced the night away until 4am (the end times are also much more lenient)! We truly had the best time hanging out with Mike & Debbie and their friends & families...it was an experience we will never forget. Thanks for bringing us along the adventure of a lifetime! xoxo