Last year, I was introduced to a wonderful group of ladies who were all in the same sorority at Penn State and whom I've now have had the honor of shooting FIVE of their weddings! From Pittsburgh to Martha's Vineyard to Charlottesville, and this time to Atlanta, I always know that a Pi Phi bride will be sweet, kind, beautiful, and have amazing style and taste! 

Samantha & Jeremy met the old fashioned way, at a bar, where Jeremy asked for her number, texted her something generic the next day, and she promptly deleted it and never responded. Being the southern gentleman he is, he was persistent and ended up calling her to formally ask her out...and the rest is history! 

They had their wedding at an old railroad station, the Georgia Freight Depot, and we got to escape the cold of the northeast for a weekend with temperatures in the 50s-60s! The girls got ready in the cutest Christmas pajamas, and Sam's adorable blind dog Tanner joined the ladies in the excitement of the day. Sam reminded me of Princess Kate, but even more elegant and stunning (and with a little southern accent), and given that she's an event planner, every detail of their wedding was perfection! 

This was our last wedding of the year and definitely one of my favorites of 2016! Congratulations Samantha & Jeremy - we are so happy for you and had a blast in Atlanta!