There's nothing like the grandness of nature to remind of us that we are such a small blip in the universe and to allow our daily worries to disappear. 

A few weeks ago, Art and I took an adventure out west for my sister's wedding - a lovely intimate celebration with just our immediate families in Lake Powell, Utah. It revolved right around Art and my one year anniversary so we decided to make a trip out of it! 

I split up this post by location and a little blurb about each place to help in case anyone is looking to make travel plans!

NOTE: Behind the ethereal, dreamy images I try to create are usually a lot of funny bloopers, which I usually delete but decided to INCLUDE in this blog post! Shots of us: trying to get the remote to work on the tripod, Art pretending to be in a boy band, the 25mph winds at the top of the mountain...hope you enjoy them - they are sprinkled in! Our perfect not-so-perfect life! 

DAY 1: Sedona - Arrived in Phoenix and drove two hours north to Sedona. We renewed our vows at Airpot Mesa on a very windy day. And then ordered bad seafood at an Italian restaurant (What was I thinking? Seafood in the desert? duh.)

DAY 2: Sedona - Did the Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour - which I highly recommend (do the morning tour for less people)! Then hiked Cathedral Rock Hike (worth it to go all the way to the top even if you have to crawl), and Fay Canyon Hike (hidden gem on the side path to the arch!). Sunset at Red Rock Crossing, downing a bag of Umami popcorn. It's pretty crazy how the coloring of the Red Rocks can change so dramatically just based on time of day and angle of the sun! 

DAY 3: Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend - drove 3 more hours north to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Since Antelope Canyon is on Navajo land, you must take one of the tours - we did Ken's Tours in Lower Antelope. Upper Antelope we heard is also beautiful, a little more crowded, but worth it for the beams of light that shine through! There were a crazy number of people in the canyon at once, but we held back in our group to get some good shots with no one in them! After our tour, we drove ten minutes to Horseshoe Bend, which is about a 3/4 mile hike from the parking lot...but once you get there - BREATHTAKING. Straight drop to the bottom of the canyon with no railing...thank you beautiful earth for creating such magnificent sights for us to be in awe of. 

DAY 4: Lake Powell AirBNB Houseboat - as fate would have it, we found an adorable houseboat on AirBNB, and one of the owners was a yoga teacher from Pittsburgh! Her mom taught entrepreneurship at CMU too! I love when the world reminds you that it is both a huge and very small place all at the same time. With no cell service, we got to really disconnect and enjoy sleeping under the stars since the bed was on the roof! The next day, our host Justine took us to another part of Antelope Canyon with no tourists - a perfect way to start our weekend before the wedding festivities!

DAY 4-6: LAKE POWELL - WEDDING FUN! It was a hot and sweaty day, but my sister & her new hubby totally did it right and focused on what was important to them - family, good food, swimming (!) and lots of dancing! Some of my favorite moments from the celebration!

DAY 7: MONUMENT VALLEY - Our last day we took a road trip with my parents to Monument Valley, just 2 hours east of Lake Powell. Basically, these crazy rock formations in the middle of the desert - a natural museum!