Here it is. Some of my favorites of 2016 (with a few personal sprinkles in there) in no particular order. It's been an amazing year, and more than I could have ever dreamed of. Traveling to South Africa, Martha's Vineyard, Arizona, Utah, Germany, Austria, Shenandoah, Joshua Tree, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Boston, and the Bahamas, somehow we still managed to stay balanced and cherish our time on the road AND at home in Pittsburgh.

Of course this isn't the full gallery of favorites, because that list is probably over 1000+ photos long - mainly because there were that many special and meaningful moments this year (and because I'm indecisive :D). 

THANK YOU to my amazing clients for a wonderful year of LOVE and LIGHT! And THANK YOU to all the friendors I got to work with and meet! You guys are the best. Here's to reflection and growth. xo