I'd been long anticipating our trip to Morocco, since it is the first Muslim country we've ever been to, and I just knew it was going to be so special and different than any place we'd ever traveled. Of course, our trip started with the inevitable Douglass missing luggage, and we didn't end up getting our bags for 9 days (our trip was 10 days total)! We learned to quickly become minimalists. Luckily I had packed a few outfits in our carryon, but poor Art wore the same thing every single day, the same outfit he wore on the plane. It was actually a blessing that I had a terrible sinus infection and couldn't smell because I think we may have been a little stinky by the end! Regardless, Morocco stunned us with its beauty, amazing cuisine (we ate ALL the tagines), and hospitality.

Our itinerary went from Marrakech > The Sahara> Fes > Scarabeo Camp (just south of Marrakech). I'll be sharing a post for each stop since Morocco was a photographer's dream! We are extremely detailed in our itinerary, so if you need travel recommendations, just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to send along!

Enjoy all the pretty tile & colors!