Eva Lin Photography

I have learned so much as a photographer & entrepreneur over the past six years, starting from a hobby to growing into a six-figure business! My proudest milestone, though, is not in the numbers but being able to keep the "why" behind my business at the forefront and creating a balanced LIFE that I love, with business being just one part of it all.  

I love sharing my knowledge, so let's get together and explore not only the tactical skills behind photography & entrepreneurship, but also how it all unfolds into living your best life. 

LIVE SHOOT + WORKFLOW + Q&A (3 hours) $850

We will do a live shoot with a real couple, interactive and hands-on. Get in the moment feedback that you can apply right away. After the shoot, we will sit down to edit the images together, finding your own creative style. Remaining time for any Q&A!

WORKFLOW + Q&A (1.5 hours) $500

We will go through editing some photos you're working on or I can provide some samples. We will work in Lightroom and create your own unique style that will shape your brand and make your work consistent! Remaining time for any Q&A!

ASK ME ANYTHING - Q&A (1 hour) $300

Bring all of your questions here, and we will chat over tea or coffee! Topics can include: equipment, posing, pricing, attracting your ideal client, work-life balance, vision and goal setting, social media, editing, styled shoots, session timing, portfolio review, yoga, or anything else you want to explore and dive into deeper! 


“Working with Eva has been priceless. Her passion for teaching in many areas of her life carries through into her photography work through her willingness to be open about what she has learned along the way herself while guiding and directing in such a fun, positive and patient manner. Eva offers feedback that will change your work for the better and is open to sharing how she personally approaches different shooting scenarios which gets your wheels turning in ways you may never have thought of! I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Eva early on in my career. Those tips and tricks have impacted my photography business in so many ways that I still carry with me today when I’m shooting. My favorite part about being a photographer myself is that you never can stop learning and if I had to start my journey all over again, I’d pick Eva a million times over! So thankful for her!”

- Abbie Tyler (

“Eva is not only a great photographer, but she is just a genuinely great person. She is patient and definitely open to teaching anyone about the industry. If you have specific questions related to photography, she's the perfect mentor! She shares her experience and knowledge and also gives great constructive feedback on your work! On real shoots, she's encouraging and giving you tips to best frame an image. She gives her input on what she wants but she also gives you the opportunity to try things on your own. Eva will also give you insight into how she is processing something and thinking of approaching a concept, image, scenario, lighting, etc. Even the thought process she shares can reveal tips that can change your photography. Eva's work speaks for itself, and her passion for the art is displayed through her teaching and inspiration!”

- Andrew Kim (

“My mentoring session with Eva exceeded my expectations! My mom gave the session to me as a birthday/expecting mother gift. The goal was to be able to photograph the new baby and future family sessions. Overall, I think I’m ready based off her three pronged approach of covering photography 101/basics of my camera, a real life shoot of my new nephew and editing tutorial. I didn’t want the day to end…I loved taking on chapter two of life with Eva after she photographed our wedding and I can’t wait to continue into motherhood with her!”

- Mackenzie Foos

To book a mentoring session or for a specific mentoring request, please email me at